Services by Affiliation

Services by Affiliation


  • EngageATL Lets New Students Pursue 'Progress and Service'

    This community service-based program orients new students to Georgia Tech and Atlanta by engaging with local community partners on direct service projects while emphasizing the theme of creating sustainable communities

  • Yellow Jackets Spend Summer in Atlanta

    Spending the summer in Atlanta can be an exciting experience for Tech students. Whether taking classes, working, or researching in a lab, these students have made the most of their time on or near campus.

  • Touring Season in Full Swing during Summer

    With summer in full swing, the Georgia Tech Tour Guides are busier than ever. These students are passionate about Tech, excited to assist prospective students, and always ready to lead a group.

  • Staff Council: It’s a Two-Way Street

    Eighteen months after Georgia Tech established the first Staff Council in its history, how is it doing? In many ways, the group’s success is tied to employees’ willingness to reach out, speak up, and get involved.