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  • The Ashmons of Montezuma: A Family Affair

    Shay and Shannon's graduation is a family reunion of sorts, since the two were undergraduates together at Tech some 20 years ago.

  • Nanotexturing Creates Bacteria-Killing Spikes on Stainless Steel Surfaces

    By using an electrochemical etching process on a common stainless steel alloy, researchers have created a nanotextured surface that kills bacteria while not harming mammalian cells. If additional research supports early test results, the process might be used to attack microbial contamination on implantable medical devices and on food processing equipment made with the metal.

  • Graduate Profile: Emma Siegfried

    When Emma Siegfried graduates this weekend, she’ll be the latest in a line of family members who have been attending Georgia Tech for more than 100 years.

  • Perking Up and Crimping the ‘Bristles’ of Polyelectrolyte Brushes

    A molecular-sized brush that looks like a shoe brush has properties with great potential for the materials industry and medicine, but polyelectrolyte brushes can be sensitive, and getting them to work right tricky. New research shows what can make them break down, but also what can get them to systematically recover.