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  • Alumna is First Female Zoo Director of Lincoln Park Zoo

    A Georgia Tech alumna is the new zoo director of Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo — making her the first woman in the zoo’s 150-year history to hold that position.

  • Looking Back in Time to Watch for a Different Kind of Black Hole

    Black holes form when stars die, allowing the matter in them to collapse into an extremely dense object from which not even light can escape. Astronomers theorize that massive black holes could also form at the birth of a galaxy, but so far nobody has been able to look far enough back in time to observe the conditions creating these direct collapse black holes (DCBH).

  • Synthetic Organelle Shows How Tiny Puddle-Organs in our Cells Work

    Imagine your liver being just a big puddle. Some organelles in your cells are exactly that including prominent ones like the nucleolus. Now a synthetic organelle engineered in the lab shows how such puddle organs can carry out complex life-sustaining reaction chains.

  • Tree Splits Near Student Center

    There’s a little less shade in the middle of campus where one of Georgia Tech’s oldest trees stood for more than a century.