Live Broadcasts

Service Description: 

Live broadcasts of important campus events to the Georgia Tech cable television network.

Service Levels: 

Support Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-5:00PM EST

Event support is appropriately coordinated with event organizers ahead of time.


Confidential and Sensitive Information:
The broadcast requester is responsible to assure that content does not contain any confidential or sensitive information, including personal information from any Georgia Tech faculty, staff or students that may be protected by law (e.g., pursuant to FERPA or HIPAA). 

Obtaining Permission:
Requesters are responsible for obtaining and keeping record of permissions from speakers for live events. In the event that content includes pictures or video / audio recording of students or any other third party, requester may need to obtain written permission from them in advance of live streaming.


Free of Charge

Support Information: 

For questions, contact Bill Naviar at (404) 894-3113.

Service Category: 

Communication and Collaboration

Services that facilitate institutional communications and collaboration needs. Includes email, calendaring, telephony, video conferencing, web hosting and content management support.

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