Telephone Line Disconnections

Service Description: 

Disconnection requests for Georgia Tech-issued telephone lines.

Service Levels: 

Support Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-5:00PM EST

Expected turnaround time: 7 Business Days.


Notice to End-Users: If you need changes to, or are having problems with your Georgia Tech-issued telephony equipment, you must contact your departmental Telecom Coordinator (TCO) who will submit a support request to the OIT Telecom Team on your behalf. If you don't know who your assigned TCO is, please refer to your building administrator for assistance.

Only Departmental TCO's are authorized to submit requests from this point forward.


Free of Charge

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Communication and Collaboration

Services that facilitate institutional communications and collaboration needs. Includes email, calendaring, telephony, video conferencing, web hosting and content management support.

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