Desktop and Mobile Printing

Service Description: 

Flexible desktop and mobile printing available at various Georgia Tech campus locations.

Service Levels: 

Support Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-5:00PM EST

Delivery times from Central-PS:
Mon-Fri: 9:00AM, 12:30PM and 4:30PM EST
Sat-Sun: No deliveries.


A valid BuzzCard is required for releasing print jobs at supported print locations on campus. Jobs will be held in the queue at those locations for 90 minutes after they are submitted.

Print jobs can also be submitted from a user’s personal computer by downloading the OIT Laptop Print Package available on the OIT Software Distribution website.


Black & White (with or without finishing): $0.04/page
Color: $0.19/page
Central-PS Delivery: Free of Charge (1200 page quota per semester)

Student Quotas
Every student is allocated printing funds at the beginning of each semester. Students will receive $33 for Fall, $35 for Spring, and $27 for Summer on their Buzzcard for printing at any supported print location on campus. Students can also add funds to their Buzzcard to purchase additional prints beyond their allocated funds for each semester.

Support Information: 

 Assistance with the systme is available locally at any of the print locations. For additional help, email

Submitters of print jobs to Central-PS will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to the real-time queue.

Users who do not receive a confirmation email or do not see their jobs in the queue are encouraged to log into Passport to verify their correct email address and password. If email and password are correct and print jobs are still not properly processing, request assistance from the button above.

All jobs need to be released at a designated release station except for jobs sent to Central-PS.


Printing options in most locations include black (with or without staple and/or hole-punch) or color output. Most printers support Letter (8.5"x11") and Tabloid (11"x17") paper sizes, though some departments chose to only stock Letter size. All printers default to Simplex (single-sided printing), but this can be changed in the printer dialog settings.

Printing Allocations

Every student is allocated printing funds at the beginning of each semester. Students will receive $33 for Fall, $35 for Spring, and $27 for summer on their Buzzcard for printing at any supported print location on campus. Students can also add funds to their Buzzcard to purchase additional prints beyond their weekly allocations.

If you need to add funds to your BuzzCard, you can make cash deposits at any BuzzCard Value Transfer Station or with a credit card on the BuzzCard website.

Releasing Jobs

All jobs from computer labs/clusters must be manually release from release stations located near the respective printers. After swiping your BuzzCard, you will be presented with a list of pending jobs, the total charge for each job, the amount remaining in your weekly allowance and the available funds on your BuzzCard. You will then have the option of releasing the prints or deleting them.

Central Printing

You may also submit print jobs to a central campus location and have them delivered to locker located in Clough Learning Center, room 215. Students receive an allocation of 1200 pages for printing to Central-PS at the beginning of each academic semester.

The following methods are available for submitting jobs to Central-PS:

  • Log in to a campus pay-for-print station on campus (accomplished by swiping your BuzzCard at one of the supported stations), or
  • Visit the OIT Central-PS Web site. There you can upload jobs or download a package that allows you to submit jobs directly from your computer.

Before printing to Central-PS, you should keep the following in mind:

  • You do not need to release jobs sent to Central-PS.
  • Anticipate a 2.5 hour turnaround for delivery of your print jobs. Jobs submitted after 3:00PM should not be expected for delivery until the next day's scheduled delivery time.
  • Any unclaimed prints will be recycled after 2 weeks.
  • Copyright infringement is strictly prohibited. Failure to adhere to Institute policy will lead to appropriate action.
Mobile Printing

Printing is also available from a wide array of mobile devices like laptop, tablets and even smart phones.

From Laptops

You may submit print jobs to any supported printer on campus from your own mobile computer by downloading and installing one of the appropriate OIT Laptop Print Packages available from OIT's Software Distribution Web site (note that your device must be connected to a Georgia Tech network or via VPN)

From Hand-Held Mobile Devices

You can print from any Web-enabled hand-held mobile device including Android and Apple phones and tablets. To print to any printer except to Central-PS, navigate to the MyPrintCenter Web site (note that this site is only accessible from a Georgia Tech network). MyPrintCenter acts like an online resease station; from there you can upload and manage all you print jobs.

Alternatively, you may email your print jobs as file attachments to the following Email addresses:

Jobs emailed to the addresses above can be managed from MyPrintCenter or at any standard release station on campus.

NOTE: There is a 50MB size limit for attachments sent to the above Email addresses.


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Endpoint Computing

Services that enable community members to do their day-to-day work, including providing network access, computer labs, software, printing, user file storage, and end-point device backups.

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