Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Service Description: 

Remote access to resources exclusive to users on the Georgia Tech campus network from off campus. A VPN connection securely provides a Georgia Tech IP address at a remote location, providing its user the benefits of being physically on the Georgia Tech network.

Service Levels: 

Network Availability: 24x7

Support Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-5:00PM EST

The following maintenance windows are reserved for installing, repairing and patching various components of this service:

  • Every Tue, 5:00AM - 7:00AM EST
  • Every Thu, 5:00AM - 7:00AM EST
  • The third Sat of each month, 6:00AM - 12:00PM EST

Free of Charge

Support Information: 

To get started configuring VPN on your device, please refer to the following FAQ article: How do I get started with the Campus VPN?


If you need further assistance, use the 'Submit Request' button above.


Please note the following points while connecting to Georgia Tech's VPN service:

  • VPN will not make your connection more reliable but will provide greater security -- especially over wireless networks.
  • All of your traffic will be directed through the campus network, so you may notice a performance change.
  • Your Internet traffic will be subject to the Computer & Network Usage and Security Policy.
  • Since your device will be taking on a Georgia Tech Internet address, it will no longer provide services to its local network.
  • VPN service may be blocked by administrators of your local network, so there may be locations from which VPN access is not possible. This condition is outside of OIT's control.
Service Category: 

Endpoint Computing

Services that enable community members to do their day-to-day work, including providing network access, computer labs, software, printing, user file storage, and end-point device backups.

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