Endpoint Device Backup Infrastructure Hosting and Support

Service Description: 

For secure backup of instructional, research, and administrative endpoints, the CrashPlan service is available to all faculty, staff, and student employees. This service is provided jointly by OIT, various unit IT support organizations, and the vendor, Code42.


Georgia Tech and the Office of Information Technology provide an on-line backup service to all faculty, staff, and student employees. CrashPlan PROe is an encrypted, export-compliant (ITAR), distributed enterprise backup product. It is a complement to enterprise Dropbox and provides protection against data loss due to everything from failed encrypted hard drives to ransomware. CrashPlan is a "low touch" application and in most cases requires no additional attention after its installation. If you are interested, please contact your unit IT organization directly; if necessary, the OIT Technology Support Center can assist you in locating them. In the near future, we will have an email form through which you can request access.

Service Levels: 

System Availability: 24x7

Support Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-5:00PM EST

The following maintenance windows are reserved for installing, repairing and patching various components of this service:

  • Every Tue, 8:00AM - 12:00PM EST

CrashPlan is a non-interactive service in which occasional short maintenance windows are scheduled during business hours when all parties are available. Backup administrators are notified of maintenance activities, customers are generally not notified due to the unlikely event of an impact.


Departmental IT staff are primarily responsible for the administration and support of their respective customers. Assistance from the Technology Support Center (TSC) is available for employees without access to departmental IT support.



Support Information: 

To use the CrashPlan backup service, please consult the Getting Started article. 

Full documentation on the service is available on the CrashPlan Service site.


Terms of Service:

  1. OIT provides a backup storage repository to all campus units. The repository is initially intended for the storage of backups of desktop and laptop computers owned by the Institute and issued to Georgia Tech faculty and staff.
  2. Intended Audience
    1. All schools, colleges, and business units of the Institute.
    2. Unit-supported desktop and laptop computers owned by the Institute and issued to faculty and staff.Requirements for use:
      • A CrashPlan Pro-e client license for each client system to be backed up
      • Windows XP or later, MacOS 10.6 or later, or Linux running on an Institute-owned desktop or laptop assigned to the use of faculty or staff.
      • A unit IT organization willing to coordinate licensing, administration, and first-level support for the CrashPlan Pro-e client software.
  3. Responsibilities


  1. Provides geographically diverse CrashPlan Pro-e-servers.
  2. Makes available a unit-wide average of 40GB per client of storage space (after compression and de-duplication) on each of two redundant servers.
  3. Aggregates and coordinates license purchases so that licenses are purchased in blocks of 25 or 50 within a Georgia Tech-compatible key.
  4. Provides server monitoring and operational support to keep at least one of each pair of servers available at all times.
  5. Manages the CrashPlan Pro-e master server which contains all client licenses, their allocations to units, and the location and status of all slave servers. The master server is integrated with GTED for client account authentication.
  6. Delegates backup administrator privileges for each unit to IT professionals designated by the unit.
  7. Provides 2nd and subsequent year support costs for client licenses where applicable.
  8. Provides technical assistance to unit IT personnel via the Technology Support Center and CrashPlan server team.

Partner Organizations:

  1. Provide a client license for each active user (an average of four devices per user are allowed and are reassignable) purchased in coordination with OIT using the campus master license key. Current cost is $150 for a five-year license including support.  Licenses are installed on the CrashPlan Pro-e master server and allocated for the use of the Unit.
  2. Allocate licenses to Unit client machines based on a policy defined by a unit.
  3. Provide first-level support assistance to users of client machines for installation, operation, file recovery, etc. as necessary.
  1. Alternative services

CrashPlan client systems in Units can be provided with backup storage in ways other than the use of OIT-provided storage described here.

  1. Arrangements can be made to link Unit-owned slave servers to the campus CrashPlan Pro-e-infrastructure. This allows units to provide storage resource to handle needs beyond what is provided by OIT.
  2. OIT will make a reasonable effort to provide physical and operational hosting of Unit-provided slave servers that are similar in hardware configuration to those already in use.


Service Owner: 

Jerry Swann, Dan Forsyth

Service Category: 


Core enterprise-level IT infrastructure that provides underlying support for institutional activities. Includes network backbone, data centers, virtualization, and central storage and backup solutions.

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