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Access to Gartner technology-related research and analysis reports such as Magic Quadrants and Hype Cycles.

General-use student computing resources designed for individual and group productivity hosted in the Library West Commons and Student Center.

Internet access for Greek housing and affiliate groups on the Georgia Tech campus.

Delegated administrative control for rule-based automatic provisioning and deprovisioning of user access to enterprise applications.

Support for guest GT Account creating and management via the Georgia Tech Passport Web site.

The Partnership for an Advanced Computing Environment (PACE) serves the Georgia Tech community with a sustainable, leading-edge high performance computing environment.

Fully customizable announcements, thank-you cards, RSVP cards, panel cards and postcards that can be flat or folded to your specifications.

Hosting and management of static or dynamic IPv4 and IPv6 address assignments and their respective domain name records (DNS) within the OIT managed address space.

IT training and vendor engagement event planning for members of the Georgia Tech community.

Central hosting and administration of Jamf Pro that facilitates departmental management of Mac/iOS endpoint devices.

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