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Support and access for Business Intelligence platforms, data warehouse, transactional reporting and operational data stores.

Extremely fast research network connectivity with other leading universities and national laboratories such as Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) via Internet2 (I2) and National Lambda Rail (NLR). Georgia Tech's Office of Information Technology operates the Southern Crossroads (SoX), which is the regional GigaPOP for Internet2 and Southern Light Rail (SLR), its regional aggregation.

Internet access and support for residential housing on the Georgia Tech campus.

Central hosting and administration of SaltStack that facilitates departmental management of Linux endpoint devices.

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Self-service access for maintaining GT Account passwords, email preferences and personal information such as nicknames, emergency contacts (students only) and photos (employees only) at

Centralized operation, maintenance, upgrade and troubleshooting of server-class Operating Systems.

Hosting services for Georgia Tech units that require operation of their servers in an enterprise-class virtualization environment.

Installation and standard configuration of server-class Linux and Windows Operating Systems and other system software on hosted physical or virtual hardware in preparation for production use.

Support with service GT Accounts, their roles and ownership assignment for issues not related to locked/disabled account recovery and for which self-help through the Passport GT Account Self-Service Portal is not possible or available.