Audiovisual Technology Design and Installation

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Design, planning and installation of Audiovisual technology in technology-enhanced rooms and learning spaces across the Georgia Tech main campus.

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Support Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-5:00PM EST

Request Response Level: Consultations are scheduled within 5 business days of original requests.


Free of Charge

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Whether planning for new construction or renovating/upgrading an existing learning space, consult with AV Services for all your audiovisual needs. You will benefit from a full range of consulting services aimed at providing reliable leading-edge instructional and presentation technologies as well as room-based videoconferencing solutions at your location.


To set up a time with one of our AV Design associates, please submit a request above and you will be contacted within 5 business days to schedule an on-site visit to discuss your AV needs and expectations.


Design Standards

The AV Services design team maintains a set of core baseline designs aimed for high-flexibility everyday use and supported with reliable and well-tested equipment recommendations. Use of these baseline designs in new room installations is highly encouraged as a means of preserving a level of standardization of Audio/Visual technology, including control interfaces, across technology-enhanced spaces throughout the Georgia Tech campus. However, these solutions can be modified to meet specific departmental needs.


If the AV Services design team is not involved in the design and/or implementation of the audiovisual solution in your area, we will not be responsible for its support.


Year-End Volume

Please note that the AV Services team typically handles its highest volume of design requests during the fiscal year-end (often April-June) timeframe. As such, we may require extra lead time to process your request and schedule an initial meeting prior to initiating the design process.



The AV Services design team builds solutions utilizing standardized core audiovisual designs and equipment that are flexible enough to conform to your specific audiovisual needs. Having AV Services design and engineering teams in-house allows us to work alongside our operations team to deliver turnkey solutions from conception to delivery.


AV Services provides the following with an engineering/design request:

  • Necessary design documentation, to include but not limited to: Bill of Materials, Costing, Tutorials, etc.
  • Infrastructure planning: AV Services will work with the appropriate individuals to make sure the necessary data, power and cable pathways are implemented accordingly.
  • Integration and Staging: For small projects, integrating and staging of AV equipment will be done onsite. For large installations, integration and staging could be performed at our staging and storage facility.
  • Control Systems Programming: AV Services provides an in-house control system programming services. This has proven to be very successful in providing a standardized user experience throughout the campus, which has also led to quicker resolution to programming related issues and/or modifications to existing room solutions. We specialize in AMX and Extron control systems, and have the capacity to integrate any audio, video, switching, conferencing, and/or lighting into the AV user-interface. We also provide:
    • User-interface graphic design and development.
    • Customized DSP programming and configuration for any professional audio DSP system.
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Technology Enhanced Spaces

Advanced technology, media and communication tools in classrooms and meeting spaces across campus that enhance leading-edge instruction and collaboration.

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