Wireless Microphone Lending for Supported Technology Enhanced Rooms

Service Description: 

Loaner lapel (lavalier) microphones for use in wireless microphone capable rooms across the Georgia Tech campus.

Service Levels: 

Support Hours: Mon-Fri, 7:00AM-8:00PM EST

Incident Response Level: An Audiovisual Services (AVS) staff member will contact you within 3 business days to complete the microphone loan process.


Free of Charge

Support Information: 

For rooms with wireless microphone capabilities, Georgia Tech faculty, staff and students can request a loaner lapel (lavalier) microphone.

  • If the room does not have wireless microphone capability, there are no microphones available for lending. If a wireless microphone is necessary to facilitate classroom instruction, please make sure to work with CPSM and/or other coordinators prior to scheduling the room. If you have already been placed in a room without wireless microphone capability and need one for presenting, then we will work with you and CPSM on locating another room to accommodate your needs. Visit the CPSM Website for additional information.
  • Large classrooms (75-seat capacity and above) usually have wireless microphone capabilities that include two receivers, so up to two wireless microphones can be used at one time.
  • AVS will provide a staff member a week prior to the semester starting and during the first week of class to hand out wireless microphones in the Clough Building. The staff member will be stationed in Clough 146 or 150. Please make sure to request your microphone via the web-form prior meeting the staff member in Clough. This will ensure a quick transaction, due to the paperwork having already been completed.
  • At the end of each semester, faculty have 3 options regarding the microphone:
    1. Return the microphone
    2. Keep the microphone and use it for next semester in the same classroom
    3. Keep the microphone and use it for next semester in a different classroom, which means that the microphone will need its frequency changed to work in the new room
  • If the microphone is for an event, please make sure to identify in the wireless microphone request that the loan request is for an event and when the event will take place. AVS tracks event related activities differently to make sure we can accommodate those needs accordingly. AVS can also provide training so that the moderator understands how best to use the room’s technology.
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Technology Enhanced Spaces

Advanced technology, media and communication tools in classrooms and meeting spaces across campus that enhance leading-edge instruction and collaboration.

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