The Office of Information Technology (OIT) Awards acknowledge, recognize, and reward the accomplishments and contributions of its employees who reflect OIT's values through exemplary service and work.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) Awards recognize the efforts of OIT employees who reflect its values through exemplary work and service. Each month, the OIT Staff Culture Advisory Council invite OIT staff members to nominate colleagues in two award categories - Above & Beyond and Collaboration & Engagement - and share 'I Caught You Caring Shout-Outs' to highlight their outstanding contributions and accomplishments.
April 2024 OIT Awards honorees are:

Hunter Lee
Above & Beyond Award 

Photo of Hunter Lee
Hunter Lee

Hunter Lee, senior network support engineer for Network Engineering, possesses innovative problem-solving skills, as demonstrated during a recent critical service outage. Faced with the challenge of restoring Plesk services for over 2,700 campus websites, Hunter implemented a novel solution that effectively emulated the network forwarding functions of a compromised web application firewall. His workaround not only brought the web hosting back online after two days but also showcased his expertise in data center networking and firewall management.

Above & Beyond Award nominee(s): Casey Chaviano, Ahamadu Massard, and Andrew Paltarak

Emergency Management System Implementation Team: Ayesha Saleem, Mark Robinson, John Gisi, Andrew Dietz, Dan Looby, and David Santos
Collaboration & Engagement Award

( l to r): Caitlyn Wine, John Gisi, Lindsay Bryant, Mark Robinson, Carley Bloomingdale, Steve Goeke, Prabir Mehta, Roger Higgins, Theron Stancil, Dan Looby, Ray Shi, Ayesha Salem, Sam Kuonen, Chhaya Amin, and Byron Stokes

This team's collaborative efforts in deploying the new cloud-based Event Management System at Georgia Tech exemplify the transformative power of cross-departmental partnerships. Despite facing challenges, their creativity and responsiveness facilitated a smooth transition to an advanced system that significantly boosts operational efficiency.

The EMS Implementation team united colleagues from various departments across Georgia Tech, including: OIT Enterprise Applications: Casey Chaviano, Greg Phillips, Mark Robinson, Steve Goeke, Dan Looby, and David Santos; OIT Platforms and Databases: Andrew Dietz and Ed Nelsen ; OIT Digital Solutions: Ray Shi; OIT Enterprise Integrations: John Gisi, Hema Nalubolu, Chhaya Amin, and Prabir Mehta; OIT Identity and Access Management: Bert Bee Lindgren; OIT Architecture & Infrastructure: Roger Higgins; Student Center: Ayesha Saleem, Carly Bloomingdale, and Lindsey Bryant; Administrative Services Center: Sam Kuonen; Institute Events: Serena Wallace; Campus Reservations and Events: Caitlin Wine; Health Systems: Theron Stencil; Institute Communications: Byron Stokes; and Registrar’s Office: Jeremy Gray and Lindsey Laney.

Collaboration & Engagement Award nominee(s): Steve Goeke, Network Engineering Team, and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services Team 

Summer Sneed
Student Employee-of-the-Month

Summer Sneed
Summer Sneed

Summer manages the Print Studio, which operates twelve hours a day, seven days a week. While working in OIT, Summer has not only handled the scheduling and training of over 20 student assistants but also actively enhanced the operational workflows. Her initiative to redesign the studio layout significantly improved queue management and overall team efficiency.

Student Employee-of-the-Month nominee(s) Callie Dahlke-Baumann and Ophelia Winslett (Wreck Techs)

'I Caught You Caring' Shout-Outs

Dina Archer, Michael Cox, Andrew Pate and Alicia Kennedy
“This team's collaborative effort to address contractor invoice discrepancies showcases the power of teamwork and cross-departmental cooperation at Georgia Tech."

Fatiha Foura
“Fatiha's contribution to the automation enhancement project for GTPE and Scheller College of Business has markedly improved the application process."

Greg Iglesias
“Greg has been instrumental in recent identity and access management hiring processes. His dedication to OIT is evident in his unwavering support during the hiring process, crafting job descriptions, and clarifying salary and budget details."

Natache Sumter
“Natache's positive energy and encouraging attitude have a magnetic effect in OIT, fostering a supportive and welcoming environment. Her genuine care for her work and colleagues truly sets her apart and exemplifies the spirit of this award.”

Sharon Green
“Sharon's commitment to clear, timely communications has greatly enhanced team support. Her resourceful management, particularly during documentation challenges, showcases her indispensable role in OIT’s operational success.”

OIT congratulates April's awards honorees. A comprehensive listing this month's honorees can be accessed via the OIT SharePoint site (OIT staff-only) at 

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