Leverage Generative AI with Copilot Enterprise


Georgia Tech students, faculty, and staff can leverage generative AI through Microsoft Copilot Enterprise. Copilot offers the power of GPT-4 with commercial data protection from Microsoft in an advanced chat tool designed to assist with text, graphic and code generate with ease of use. 

Get Started Using Copilot Enterprise:

1. Navigate to copilot.microsoft.com

2. Sign in with your gatech.edu account to get data protection.

3. Toggle the top tab to "Web" to enter Protected mode.

4. Start using AI for a more efficient and creative day!

why copilot

What's on the Horizon at Georgia Tech?

GenAI in the Works: Spring 2024

There is a lot of excitement and buzz around generative AI at Georgia Tech. Our goal is to accelerate access to approved genAI tools, while also empowering the community leverage tools effectively and maintain the integrity our privacy and data.

While we continue to explore enterprise options for solutions such as Chat GPT and ServiceNow enhancements, our Spring roadmap includes the addition of service offerings like Microsoft Azure Open AI and Copilot for Office 365.

Three-Part Strategy

Strategic Collaboration

Enhancing Georgia Tech’s AI capabilities through a dynamic community of knowledge sharing and innovative breakthroughs.

Responsible Adoption

Driving informed adoption through a comprehensive understanding of available AI solutions as well as security and privacy implications that should be considered when using AI.

Intentional Access to Tools

Empowering students, faculty, researchers and staff to leverage AI effectively by providing access to tools based on their diverse needs.