Three-Part Strategy

Strategic Collaboration

Enhancing Georgia Tech’s AI capabilities through a dynamic community of knowledge sharing and innovative breakthroughs.

Responsible Adoption

Driving informed adoption through a comprehensive understanding of available AI solutions as well as security and privacy implications that should be considered when using AI.

Intentional Access to Tools

Empowering students, faculty, researchers and staff to leverage AI effectively by providing access to tools based on their diverse needs.

Georgia Tech AI Guidelines

Official Guidance on AI Use

Georgia Tech's Office of Information, in partnership with the Office of General Counsel, Institute Communications and Cyber Security, has crafted general guidance around the use of GenAI. While we understand that nuances exist with respect to GenAI use for research and academic discovery, these guidelines outline approved practices for general use of GenAI for work optimization and enhancements. The guidance will be updated regularly as the Institute reviews the rapidly evolving role of AI at Georgia Tech.

Generative AI Guidance for Privacy and Security

This guidance is provided to the Georgia Tech community members about the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a rapidly evolving technology. The guidance will be updated as the university reviews the role of AI at Georgia Tech and explores formal contracts and agreements with AI vendors.

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Dos and Don'ts

The following shares a list of dos and don'ts when leveraging generative AI. 

DO cooperate with a risk review for new AI tools and existing tools that have not been approved by OIT.

DO disclose the use of AI tools for relevant activities and the manner and scope of such use.

DO use AI tools that have been approved by Office of Information(OIT) Technology. Tools can be view at

DO exercise caution if using data scraped from the internet to train the AI.

DO verify the accuracy and validity of AI generated content with reliable sources.

DO review AI generated content for bias and remediate, as necessary.

DO regularly review and comply with AI guidance and key GT data policies (i.e., Data Privacy Policy, Personal Information Privacy PolicyData Governance and Management Policy and Protected Data Practices).

DO ensure vendor contract terms align with safe and responsible AI governance.

DO report any potential data incident or breach at

DON’T enter any sensitive, protected, regulated or confidential data into AI tool.

DON’T assume that public data is free of intellectual property.

DON'T use AI tools that are NOT approved by Office of Information(OIT) Technology. Tools can be view at

News and Success Stories

Following a national search, the Georgia Institute of Technology has selected Leo Howell as its new vice president for Information Technology and chief information officer, effective July 1.
The Office of Information Technology will implement Verified Duo Push, a more secure version of Duo Push, which requires users to enter a three-digit authentication code.