Research Partnership


Expanding AI Capabilities through Enhanced Infrastructure

PACE, in partnership with EVPR and IDEaS, has acquired GPU capabilities, which enable functions like machine learning, to support the needs of researchers developing next generation AI models. Over the last year, $1.2M has invested in new GPU hardware. We will continue to deliver additional capabilities as Microsoft Azure OpenAI services become available to researchers.

Academic Collaboration

AI Democratization through LLM Education

Large Language Models (LLMs) are transforming the technology landscape within higher education – allowing institutions to automate complex tasks, extract insights from vast amounts of data, and interact with users through natural language interfaces. The Office of Information Technology has partnered with the academic community in an initiative that educates IT professionals and business citizen developers on how to effectively use LLMs in enterprise settings.


Student Engagement


VIP Class Yield Student-Developed AI Course Chatbot

In an educational landscape that increasingly values data-driven decision-making, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and the BioSciences department at Georgia Tech have come together to offer an innovative Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Class, "Getting to Know U." Co-taught by experts including Didier Contis, Andre Goodman, Justin Boone, and Dr. Emily Weigel, the class builds on the foundation laid by Dr. Lew Lefton, who is credited with the class's creation (

In Fall 2023, a student subteam embarked on the development of an AI Course Chatbot. This student-led venture aims to provide a more in-depth understanding of the rigor and time commitment required for various courses and schedules. These insights are valuable to students who are often faced with the challenging task of planning their semesters without a clear picture of the qualitative factors that influence course workload and structure.

Artificial Intelligence: Three-Part Strategy

Strategic Collaboration

Enhancing Georgia Tech’s AI capabilities through a dynamic community of knowledge sharing and innovative breakthroughs.

Responsible Adoption

Driving informed adoption through a comprehensive understanding of available AI solutions as well as security and privacy implications that should be considered when using AI.

Intentional Access to Tools

Empowering students, faculty, researchers and staff to leverage AI effectively by providing access to tools based on their diverse needs.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Guidelines