Building an Informed Community through Engagement

As more Generative AI (GenAI) tools become readily available, the Office of Information Technology engages partners across the Georgia Tech community to ensure they are fully prepared to adopt tools and leverage them to meet the best outcomes. OIT’s Generative AI Adoption Model provides a strategic framework for integrating Generative AI into organizational processes through education and application.

Incorporating Generative AI within HR Management

For a work function with multiple routine processes like human resources, generative AI (GenAI) can be leveraged to streamline and optimize tasks. With this in mind, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) recently partnered with Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) to discuss incorporating GenAI as a common practice.

The objective of the engagement was to strike a balance between technological advancement and the inherent privacy and bias concerns associated with AI in the workplace. OIT Technology Strategist and Senior Architect Brent O’Guin collaborated with GTHR’s Senior Director Kellye Terrell to develop a series of tailored workshops aimed at training HR professionals in the skilled use of GenAI.

Interested in Leveraging Generative AI?

The Office of Information Technology offers an Artificial Intelligence Augmentation Workshop designed to empower attendees with effective practices and approaches for augmenting human creativity and expertise with generative artificial intelligence. The focus is on proven and highly practical approaches that attendees can put to use in a way that maintains the standard of their work. Workshops are led by Brent O'Guin, Technology Strategist and Architect, who specializes in helping individuals and teams use AI effectively.

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Artificial Intelligence: Three-Part Strategy

Strategic Collaboration

Enhancing Georgia Tech’s AI capabilities through a dynamic community of knowledge sharing and innovative breakthroughs.

Responsible Adoption

Driving informed adoption through a comprehensive understanding of available AI solutions as well as security and privacy implications that should be considered when using AI.

Intentional Access to Tools

Empowering students, faculty, researchers and staff to leverage AI effectively by providing access to tools based on their diverse needs.