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Georgia Tech is embarking on the second year of its multiyear, multiphase Data Excellence initiative, which brings together elements of data analytics, security, and management into one comprehensive strategy. This second year introduces a signature Data Excellence event this fall titled GT Data Days, along with a comprehensive training program and other engagement activities throughout the academic year.

“We spent the first year laying the groundwork in many spaces and connecting with stakeholders across the Institute to understand what they wished to see come out of this effort,” said Daren Hubbard, vice president for Information Technology and chief information officer. “Overwhelmingly, we heard the need for access to more secure data usage tools and services. In our second year, we will mobilize a series of activities to help meet this need and build a community of practice around data at Georgia Tech.”

The Data Excellence committee will host its inaugural GT Data Days Oct. 11-14. This weeklong series of sessions and collaborative events will center around the value, management, and protection of data at Georgia Tech. The week includes three days of interactive workshops and trainings followed by a culmination event that features keynotes, poster sessions, and live demos.

Also coming this fall, the Data Excellence steering committee will introduce a comprehensive data training series as part of Georgia Tech’s Annual Compliance Campaign. This Data Excellence training combines compliance trainings for data governance, privacy, components of cybersecurity, and data services into one complete development package.

The committee has also been heavily focused on a data discovery effort, which involves a thorough review of all Georgia Tech business applications and their respective usage of Institute data. The discovery process includes cataloging and categorizing data to inform further expansion and refinement of the enterprise data warehouse, ultimately providing additional pathways for academic and business partners to access and leverage this data to inform decisions.

About Data Excellence

Guided by the Institute’s strategic plan, Data Excellence supports Georgia Tech’s objectives to be a leader in leveraging data analytic tools and processes to inform decision-making. Data Excellence also serves as an example in the protection, management, and governance of data. These objectives inform the pillars of Data Excellence — management, protection, and value — and guide the work done in the following strategic areas:  

  • Customer Engagement
  • Data Discovery
  • Security, Privacy, and Risk
  • Data Services
  • Identity and Access
  • System Modernization

Comprised of leaders and experts across the Institute, the Data Excellence steering committee has identified a series of projects and process changes, many required by University System of Georgia policy, to support each focus area.

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