Amplify Impact

Goal 1, Objective 1:

  • Strategy 3: Anticipate, formulate, and promote asynchronous, readily available end-user learning opportunities to drive tool and service adoption, and raise awareness of productivity platforms and mainstream tools across the learning ecosystem for faculty, staff, and students. 

Goal 1, Objective 2:

  • Strategy 3: Create and implement a communications plan to continuously promote, evangelize, and collect feedback on technology and data service offerings to students, faculty, researchers, and staff.  Also, incorporate benchmarking data as provided by professional associations to help inform performance as compared to other organizations and industry trends.

Expand Access

Goal 1, Objective 1:

  • Strategy 4: Create a partnership with the Office of Disability Services and Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to implement solutions that meet accessibility needs for students, faculty, and staff. 

  • Strategy 5: Incorporate accessibility reviews into every new and enhanced technology solution that is introduced within OIT. 

  • Strategy 6: Create a promotional campaign to highlight service offerings for students, faculty, and staff with accessibility needs, such as the AIRA wayfinding solution, screen reader programs, etc. 

Lead by Example

Goal 1, Objective 1:

  • Strategy 1: Leverage data and analytics to create a continuous process for service review (what exists today, what will exist tomorrow, what is to be retired). 

Goal 1, Objective 4: 

  • Strategy 4: Create and implement an API-first and democratization strategy where any new services must have a defined, secure, and easy-to-access API.

Goal 2, Objective 1:

  • Strategy 1: Define and convene an Institute wide team to finalize and launch a strategy and structure for strengthening data governance and protection.

Goal 6, Objective 1:

  • Strategy 1: Leverage talent map to build a resource allocation strategy for current and future workforce needs. 

Goal 6, Objective 2:

  • Strategy 3: Partner with the IT community to develop IT's technical, empathy, and leadership skillsets to meet current and future demands.