The Office of Information Technology (OIT) recognizes IT units, staff, and partners across Georgia Tech who recently received Staff Excellence awards. 

Spirit of Georgia Tech Award

Grace Battle, client support specialist within OIT, has been awarded the Spirit of Georgia Tech award, which is presented to Georgia Tech staff who support, uphold, and embody the mission and vision of the Institute. 

Staff Excellence Award

The Remote and Hybrid Teaching Academy (GTRHTA) team has been awarded the 2021 Staff Excellence Award, which is presented to teams or individuals in recognition of transformative, larger-scale efforts. IT members and partners accross Georgia Tech recognized include:

Staff Members:  

  • Christian Birk - OIT AV Services Team  
  • Jason Brewer - OIT AV Services Team  
  • Pamela Buffington - OIT Digital Learning Team  
  • Jassen Ceci - OIT AV Services Team  
  • Samba Diop - OIT Digital Learning Team  
  • Dr. Shakis Drummond - Georgia Tech Professional Education  
  • Desmond Gardfrey - Georgia Tech Professional Education  
  • Dr. Warren Goetzel - OIT Digital Learning Team  
  • Christie Hayes - Georgia Tech Professional Education  
  • Dr. Nilufer Korkmaz - Georgia Tech Professional Education  
  • Dr. Valerie Morrison - Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation 
  • Tami Salz - OIT Digital Learning Team 
  • Norah Sinclair - Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation 
  • Chris Williams - Georgia Tech Professional Education  
  • Charlie Wright - OIT AV Services Team  

Academic Professional and Research Faculty Members:

  • Dr. Troy Courville - Georgia Tech Professional Education  
  • Ameet Doshi - Georgia Tech Library  
  • Dr. Yakut Gazi - Georgia Tech Professional Education  
  • Marlee Givens - Georgia Tech Library  
  • Elizabeth Holdsworth - Georgia Tech Library  
  • Matt Lisle - Center for 21st Century Universities  
  • Dr. Chaohua Ou - Center for Teaching and Learning  
  • Dr. Rebecca Pope-Ruark - Center for Teaching and Learning  
  • Dr. Vincent Spezzo - Center for Teaching and Learning  
  • Dr. Carol Sullivan - Center for Teaching and Learning  
  • Alison Valk - Georgia Tech Library  
  • Dr. Joyce Weinsheimer - Center for Teaching and Learning  
  • Dr. Kate Williams - Center for Teaching and Learning  
  • Dr. Nisha Botchwey - Georgia Tech Professional Education (tenured faculty member) 

Verlander Family Award for Staff Excellence

This award is presented to teams that demonstrate outstanding job performance and high levels of execution in their primary job duties, auxiliary roles, and organizational citizenship. IT members and partners within the Scheller College of Business recognized include:

  • James Emery - IT Support Professional Sr. 
  • Anthony Jenkins - IT Support Professional II
  • Quashavia Harper - Administrative Professional
  • Schantel Mitchell - IT Service Delivery Manager
  • Shannon Thomas - Director, Information Technology I

One Small Step Award 

A team consisting of Academic & Research Computing Services (ARCS) staff and an OIT Cybersecurity staff member have received the One Small Step Award. This award identifies an individual or team that constantly looks for ways to improve tools, processes, or systems. IT Members recognized include:

  • Steven Daniele - IT Support Engineer Sr., ARCS
  • Justin Filoseta - Research Scientist II, ARCS
  • Troy W. Hilley - Systems/IT Architect Principal, ARCS
  • Jeffrey S. Lowe - Web Developer Sr., ARCS
  • Nguyen T. Nguyen - IT Support Engineer Lead, ARCS
  • Arian Padron - IT Support Engineer Lead, ARCS
  • Michael Sheldon - Application Developer Manager, ARCS
  • Troy T. West - Information Security Engineer Lead, OIT

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