Major Updates to TechWorks

PeopleSoft Decommissioning

A multi-phase effort was introduced to significantly update TechWorks and sunset legacy PeopleSoft systems following the successful implementation of Workday and OneUSG Connect enterprise services. This project will ultimately reduce duplicative administrative services and minimize potential security risks posed by end-of-life systems.

While Georgia Tech employees have leveraged new, cloud-based financial and human capital management (HCM) systems for the last two years, business practitioners are still able to access custom reports via the legacy PeopleSoft systems. Over the next few months, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will work with practitioners to ensure access to the needed reports leveraging the LITE ( dashboard portal. Improvements to TechWorks includes a new web interface that provides access to all HR and financial resources in one place.

A series of knowledge articles and job aids are currently being developed in ServiceNow to assist employees with this transition. As they are created, they will be linked from this project page. 

Project Open Office Hours

The Office of Information Technology held open office hours on June 8 and June 9 to answer questions about the TechWorks Update and PeopleSoft Decommission Project.

Custom Reports

The following custom reports will become available in LITE prior to the PeopleSoft decommission:

Financial Reports (Completed)

  • Legacy Expense Ledger Report
  • Legacy General Ledger Report
  • Legacy Balance Sheet Report

HCM Reports (Completed)

  • Legacy Job History Report
  • Legacy Compensation History Report
  • Legacy Earnings Report (Pay014)
  • Legacy Employee Check Report
  • Legacy Payroll Register Report
  • Legacy Garnishment Report
  • Legacy Check/Advice Register

SPD Reports (Completed)

  • Monthly Project Cost Detail
  • Monthly Project Cost Detail - GL
  • Employee Cost Detail

New TechWorks website available for use: July 2022


Old TechWorks website sunset: End of July 2022


Custom reports via legacy PeopleSoft systems available in LITE: June 2022


PeopleSoft Financials and HCM sunset: End of July 2022