Amplify Impact

Goal 1, Objective 1:

  • Strategy1: Publish and communicate a comprehensive service catalog. 
  • Strategy 2: Develop a clear and repeatable process for publishing knowledge offerings and disseminating service resources to be leveraged by traditional and non-traditional students, faculty, researchers, staff and Institute partners.

Goal 1, Objective 2:

  • Strategy 1: Update the IT Marketing and Communications program strategy to include and define intersects and interdependencies between BRM and Digital Business functions.
  • Strategy 2: Create and implement a web strategy with clear lanes for content that exists on OIT's website and content that exists within ServiceNow; with deep links from OIT's website to resources in SN.
  • Strategy 8: In partnership with SGA/GSS form Student Advisory Council to advise and provide feedback to both OIT and distributed IT.

Expand Access

Goal 1, Objective 1:

  • Strategy 2: Create and implement a strategy that enhances OIT’s current technology loaner program and allows OIT to leverage surplus technology to close gaps in access for current and incoming students.

Lead by Example

Goal 6, Objective 2

  • Strategy 1: Create and implement an employee retention strategy (with programs like OIT Awards Program) to promote employee morale and well-being.