Amplify Impact

Goal 1, Objective 2:

  • Strategy 5: Create and implement a strategy for leveraging data (Including portfolio/project, service, and team data) across OIT to tell a larger story about the unit's organizational performance.

Expand Access

Goal 1, Objective 1:

  • Strategy 3: Build a partnership between OIT, CEISMC, college units, and local school districts (i.e. Atlanta Public Schools) to better understand gaps in technology knowledge and access among prospective students. 

Champion Innovation

Goal 1, Objective 1:

  • Strategy1: Partner with distributed IT and other GT units to develop an emerging technology and innovation program that provides mentorship and learning opportunities around the principles and methodologies of innovation and futurism, and establishes trends that will guide investments in both exploration pilots and resources to support future innovation.
  • Strategy 2: In partnership with Distributed IT and other Units, develop and maintain a roadmap that supports the emerging technology and innovation program and evolves as the Georgia Tech landscape evolves.

Lead by Example

Goal 1, Objective 1:

  • Strategy 2: Create a talent map that reflects resource needs that evolve as OIT's service portfolio evolves and are inclusive of both professional and service personnel.

Goal 1, Objective 2: 

  • Strategy 5: Adopt and build competency in transformative technologies like robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and predicative analytics to create and advance organizational success.