Daren Hubbard is Tech's chief information officer and vice president for Information Technology. (Photo by Allison Carter)

Georgia Tech Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer Daren Hubbard has been honored among CDO Magazine’s Class of 2022 data and technology leaders in the public education sector.

The “Leading Data and Technology Executives U.S. Public Education List” honors those who are leading the way in technology and data advancements within public universities and schools. These leaders were recognized for “redefining the education landscape through the use of digital tools and assisting the public education system with their high-caliber expertise.”

Last year, Hubbard launched a multi-year, multi-phase Data Excellence initiative to not only transform data governance and management practices, but reimagine how data is leveraged to make decisions and drive positive change across Georgia Tech. Since the launch of Data Excellence, Georgia Tech has completed two trainings on cybersecurity and data protection, welcomed a new chief information security officer, and formalized a new data governance policy for the Institute.

Read more about the Leading Data and Technology Executives U.S. Public Education List at https://www.cdomagazine.tech/cdo_magazine/nominations_and_lists/leading_executives_us_public_sector/.