Dear Students: 

Since the start of the semester, Georgia Tech has experienced technical challenges to the campus network and important student services such as Buzzport, TouchNet, and Banner. While some issues have been isolated, others have been widespread.

I am writing to inform you that we are taking significant measures to not only address these issues, but make permanent changes to our infrastructure to ensure you do not continue to experience the same challenges over and over again. I realize that these issues are not new, as registration challenges and downtime impacted many of you during Fall semester. I also assert once again that I am extremely sensitive to the frustrations that these issues have caused and want you to know that we are working on solutions that address these problems for good. 

We are working to build a culture that is rooted in transparency and uninterrupted service. Though this process is a gradual one, we are making significant progress. This week, we stabilized the database by making some virtual infrastructure enhancements and will implement additional load testing for Banner and related services ahead of Fall and Summer registration periods. We have also consulted outside experts to assist as we address additional areas for improvement. 

I will continue to share updates on changes taking place in the IT ecosystem and how they improve your access to important student services. We appreciate your patience and support through this process. I also ask that you assist us in identifying issues when you experience them by requesting support via the Services Portal.  

We apologize for the inconveniences the technical challenges have caused and thank you for your continued feedback and patience. 

Daren Hubbard,
VP of Information Technology & CIO