• FY22 - Yearlong

    tech landscape

    Asynchronous End-User Learning Opportunities
    Communications Plan for Service Offerings
    Expand Access
    Partnership to Evaluate Accessibility Needs
    Accessibility Reviews
    Promotional Campaign for Service Offerings that Support Accessibility Needs
    Continuous Process for Service Review
    API-first and Democratization Strategy
    Institute-wide Team for Data Excellence
    Resource Allocation Strategy
    IT Skillsets Development

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  • FY22 - First Half

    Tech Tower

    Service Catalog
    Knowledge Offerings
    IT Marketing and Communications Program Strategy
    Web Strategy 
    Student Advisory Committee
    Technology Loaner Program
    Employee Retention Strategy

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  • FY22 - Second Half


    Data Reporting Strategy
    Partnership with CEISMC and Local School Districts
    Talent Map
    Transformative Technologies Strategy 
    Emerging Technology and Innovation Program
    Roadmap for Emerging Technology and Innovation Program

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